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 That’s RAD! Science Introduction

Professor Kathy Andrews, a biomedical scientist from the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, introduces the That’s RAD! Science project and the aim to inspire and educate children.

We are very grateful to the Queensland Government for supporting the first three That's RAD! Science children's STEM books through an Advance Queensland Engaging Science Grant. That's RAD! Science is an initiative of Griffith University

Posted by That's RAD Science on Tuesday, 1 August 2017

 Book 1 Launch: My Mum is a Parasite Scientist. That’s RAD!

Interview with Professor Kathy Andrews at the launch of the first book in the That’s RAD! Science series during the 2017 Queensland launch of National Science Week.

 My Mum is a Parasite Scientist. That’s RAD!

The first book in the That’s RAD! Science series was released as part of the 2017 Queensland National Science Week launch.

Innovative new medicines for malaria prevention

Professor Kathy Andrews and her collaborator Dr Tina Skinner-Adams, both from the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, discuss their work developing new drug leads for malaria prevention.

Middle Schooling and Teacher Education

Professor Donna Pendergast, That’s RAD! Science curriculum and literacy editor, discusses middle schooling and teacher education

2017 Asia-Pacific 3MT Finalist – Heidi Walkden – “Does breathing kill?”